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 The 2011 session will begin on October 13  - Application open from 5 Feb to 5 June
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 Arrival in Geneva by Plane

The Archamps Campus

Some views of the "Saleve" building where is the School and its environment (note the snow on the Saleve mountains in centre)

The School's amphitheatre

A lunch together...

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The Annecy lake


       Fourteen  Session 
        13 OCTOBER 2011 - 22 NOVEMBER 2011


            A collaboration between

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European Scientific Institute 


European Federation
of Organisations for
  Medical Physics

  With the support of  

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CERN (Geneva-CH)

   Le Département de Haute-Savoie (France)

 République et
Canton de Genève (Switzerland)

Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique (CEA-DSV, Paris)


Highlights of the 2011 Session:
- The session will comprise six weeks on different topics. Minimal registration is for a full week (Priority to several weeks applicants).
- Optional examination leads to Credits Points for each week of the School.
- Course supervisors (experts in the particular field) for each week
- Afternoon tutorial sessions consolidating morning lectures
- Practical exercises and demonstrations in the evening (optional)
- Saturday afternoon visits to radiation detection and medical equipment in hospital (Geneva Hospital, Labs or CERN)
- Each week includes about 37 hours of lectures, tutorials, visits and practical exercises.
- Selection of literature relevant to each topics available at low cost
- Classes on a Thursday to Tuesday basis enabling lecturers to spend more time at the School
  and all participants to benefit from cheaper weekend fares. (No classes on Sunday)
- Full European Environment (lecturers, students and European vision of medical physics)
- Accommodation on site (studios or shared flats with TV, Internet and fully equipped kitchenette)
- Group excursion on the Sunday (skiing if weather allows but only under students' responsability)


With extensive professional experience and proven teaching ability, lecturers are invited from hospitals, institutes and universities throughout Europe (see later).

The working language of the School is English; extensive use is made of visual materials. 

Courses are held at the university training and Research Centre at Archamps, France. Archamps is a  fifteen-minute drive from Geneva-Cointrin International Airport, on the border between France and  Switzerland. Well known resorts like Megève or Chamonix-Mont-Blanc are between 45 and 55 minutes from Archamps by car.

Physics graduates recently or soon to be qualified as medical physicists (Qualified Medical Physicist as  defined by EFOMP) or those working in an environment of biomedical research.

All courses are proposed in accordance with EFOMP guidelines for education and training in medical  physics, as laid out in policy statements.



       Programme of the 2011 session

Medical Imaging-1-: 
Imaging Principles, Radiology & Ultrasound 
Week 1 : 13 - 18 Oct. 2011

Supervisor:           Dr. C. Cachard (Lyon-F)  
Co-Supervisor:     Dr. J. Geleijns (Leiden-NL)

Faculty includes (in addition to supervisors): 
D. Bandon (HCUGE-Geneva-CH),  F.Bertora (Genova-I), G. Beyer (Geneva-CH), I. Castellano (London-UK), A. Davies (Leeds-UK), N. de Jong (Rotterdam-NL), N. Guerini (Oxford-UK),  K-F. Kamm (Philips-Hamburg-D), H. Liebgott (Lyon-Fr), J.M.Mari 
(Lyon-F),  P. Sharp (Aberdeen-UK),  P. Tortoli (Firenze-I). .

Topics : 

- Principles of Digital Images and image quality (theory, 
- Advances in radiation detectors and Electronic signal treatment.
- Digital imaging and Computer Tomography, Mammography, Fluoroscopy & X-rays guided Interventions. 
- Upcoming Methods in Computed Tomography
- Basics Physics & engineering Principles of ultrasound.

- Doppler Methods.
- Clinical applications and biological aspects of ultrasound.
- Radio-isotopes : Production & Use


Medical Imaging-2-:
Medical imaging with Magnetic Resonance, PET & SPECT 
week 2: 20 -25 October  2011

Supervisor:         Prof J. Alger (UCLA, Los Angeles-USA) 
Co-Supervisor:   Prof. R. Ott (London-UK)

Faculty includes (in addition to supervisors): 
S. Albrecht (Nürnberg-D), A. Caner (Archamps-F), C. Comtat (SHFJ-Orsay-F), E.M. Hiltbrand (Geneva & Archamps),
X. Montet (Geneva-CH), F. Lazeyras (Geneva-CH), M. Leach (Sutton-UK), P. Salvadori (Pisa-I), I. Tarassov (CERN-CH),
A. Todd-Pokropek (London & Paris).

Topics :

- Principle of SPECT & PET.
- Clinical PET
- Advance PET & applications; 
- Quality control & performance  assessments.
- Principles of magnetic resonance
- Image formation (concepts and mathematical theory). 
- Magnetic resonance imaging & magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

- Clinical & anatomy MRI 
- Advanced MRI & applications
- Image processing & storage.


Medical Computing 
week 3: 27 October - 1 November 2011

Supervisor:         Dr. L. Bidaut (Dundee-UK)
Co-Supervisor:   Dr. P. Arce (CIEMAT, Madrid-E)

Faculty includes(in addition to supervisors): 
J. Apostolakis (Cern-CH), A. Djafari (CNRS, Gif/Yvette-F),  U. Fuchs (CERN-CH), S. Giani (Cern-CH),
B. Gibaud (Rennes-F), T. Glatard (
(Lyon-F), P. Gueth (Lyon-F),  H. Hoffmann (Cern-CH), D. Manset (Archamps-F), Ph. Millet (Geneva-Ch), R. Miralbell (HCU-Geneva-Ch) 
W. Müller-Schauenburg (Tübingen-D),  S. Vanderberghe (Ghent-B).

Topics :
- Simulation/modeling of physics systems, courses and exercises.
- Simulation/modeling of live systems: courses and exercises (GEANT4, EGS4, EGSnrc...)
- Simulation and Pharmacokinetics
- Imaging; processing; use of images and data
- Networks; data communications
- Practical exercises on Computer


Physics of Modern Radiotherapy 
week 4: 3 - 8 Nov. 2011 

Supervisor:             Prof. S. Webb (London-UK) 
Co-Supervisor:       Prof. Dr. U. Oelfke (DKFZ-Heidelberg-D)

Faculty includes (in addition to supervisors): 
U. Amaldi (Milan-I), F.M. Buffa (Oxford-UK), G. Di Pasquale 
(HCU-Geneva-Ch), R. Ferrand (CPO-Orsay-F), G. Hartmann (Heidelberg-D),
B. McClean (Dublin-Irl), R. Miralbell (Barcelona-E), S. Nill (DKFZ-Heidelberg-D), G. Reinig (Seimens-D), P. Remeijer (Amsterdam-NL).

Topics :  
- Fundamentals of radiobiology.
- Radiotherapy strategies. 
- Accuracy requirements.
- Imaging in treatment planning.
- Treatment planning : courses and exercises.
- Conformal treatment techniques.
- Hadrontherapy.
- Clinical application of 3D conformal therapy.


week 5 : 10 Nov - 15 Nov. 2011 

Supervisor:         Dr. Inger-Lena Lamm (Lund - S), 
Co-supervisor:    Dr. 
J. Bonnet (Toulouse-F)

Faculty includes (in addition to supervisors): 
S. Bernard (Varian-Be), A. Carlson-Tedgren (Lindköping-Se), W-J Dries (Eindhoven-NL),  T. Kaulich (Tübingen-D), C.  Malet (Lyon- F),
J.J. Mazeron (Paris-F), P. Nouet (HCU, Geneva-CH), Y. Popowski (Geneva-CH), A. Rijnders (Brussels-B).

Topics : 
- Brachytherapy sources; calibration and quality assurance
- Dosimetry for photon sources & beta sources; dose calculation models.
- Treatment units for HDR/LDR/PDR; reporting in Brachytherapy.
- BT for benign disorders; BT for malignant disorders.
- Radiation protection and quality assurance.
- Practical exercises : treatment planning for some medical cases.


week 6 : 17 - 22 November 2011

Supervisor:         Dr. Stelios Christofides (Nicosia-CY), 
Co-supervisor:    Dr. Pawel Kukolowicz (Kielce-PL)

Faculty includes (in addition to supervisors): 
D. Forkel-Wirth (CERN-Geneva-CH), P. Horton (Guilford-UK)
, J. Malone (Dublin-Irl),  R. Padovani (Udine-I), M. Perez (WHO-Geneva-CH),
M. Rehani (IAEA, Vienna-A), N. Samet (Chisinau-MD), P. Voytila (CERN-CH), A. Wojcik, (Stockholm, S)

Topics : 
- Biological effects of radiation; Risk assesment of radiation hazards.
- International system of radiation protection.
- Shielding & facility design. Emergency plans.
- Optimisation of RP in Diagnostic Radiology; in Neurology; in cardiology; in gynaecology; in RT and BT...
- X-Rays Usage Outside X-Ray department.

- Patient Dosimetry in NM, RT and BT.
- General Aspects of  Interventional Procedures.

- Special case of Targeted Radionuclide Therapy.
- Practical exercises : Radiation Protection Optimisation.


Opening of registration : February 5th, 2010

Deadline for registration is June 5th, 2010<<<===== !!!

The number of participants is limited <<<===== !!!

Further Information

- On the web :

- At ESMP secretariat :
Info service
Centre Universitaire de
Formation et de Recherche
Site d’Archamps
F-74166 Archamps

e-mail: info

tel.: +33 4 50 31 50 10
fax: +33 4 50 95 38 01

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The class room during the last session  

The time-tables are not yet totally finalized but last year time-tables can give you an idea:

    2011 Time-Table Week 1 : MEDICAL IMAGING (1) : Principles, Ultrasound
& Radiology

2011 Time-Table Week 2 : MEDICAL IMAGING (2) : Magnetic Resonance, PET & SPECT 

2011 Time-Table Week 3 : MEDICAL COMPUTING 

2011 Time-Table Week 4 : PHYSICS of MODERN RADIOTHERAPY 

2011Time-Table Week 5 : BRACHYTHERAPY 


 2011 Time-Table Week 6 : RADIATION PROTECTION 

Meet your lecturers….


General students’ Information


Registration conditions



Physics graduates recently or soon to be qualified as medical physicists (Qualified Medical Physicist as defined by EFOMP) or those working in an environment of biomedical research.

All courses are proposed in accordance with EFOMP guidelines for education and training in medical physics, as laid out in policy statements.

The medical imaging courses are proposed as a comprehensive two-week program. Priority will be given to  participants  registering at least for both weeks

Registration fee: 500euro  per week.
Special rates for 2 , 3,  4, 5  or 6 weeks registration (plus administrative fees of 50euros, see later)

one week

2 weeks

3 weeks

4 weeks

5 weeks

6 weeks



950 Euro

1150 Euro

1350 Euro

1550 Euro




Fees payment/money transfer :
Upon acceptation of your application you will receive an invoice together with all the necessary bank information to allow bank transfer. Please pay the fees ONLY after receiving the invoice . 
Do not forget to
QUOTE the received INVOICE NUMBER on bank transfer BEFORE the name of the paying person to allow us tracking of your payment. (If your payment not recognised, you could not be in the accepted happy fews!)
Payment by bank transfer before  September 1st, 2011
Please inform the secretariat if you suspect any delay

Invoicing address :
If your fees are being paid by a sponsor or a specific department within your organisation, please send all the details and postal address to for us to draft the invoice and track payment.

Euro currency :
Our invoice will be labeled in Euros and the payment should be made only in this currency. If your payment will be charged for bank transfer or currency conversion, please take it in account and increase your transfer amount for that.



=> Wednesday shuttle to Archamps : A shuttle between airport (Swiss side) and Archamps will leave after 17:45 provided there are a sufficient number of reservation. Schedule will be confirmed later.
Note that the Geneva airport has a Swiss sector and a French sector. 
The Rendez-vous (Meeting Point) will be in the SWISS sector !

Please meet at least 5 minutes before departure at the "meeting point" (red dot on lighted white cube) in the arrival hall (Swiss sector)

If you arrive at the Cornavin Central Railways Main Station, you can take a train to the Cointrin Airport Railways Station (about every 15 minutes before 22:30) which communicates to the Airport Arrival Hall. This train can be used to go to Archamps using the city transport system (see later). It can be used also to go downtown if you have several hours waiting time !

To use the Shuttle to Archamps, priority will be given to people having reserved by giving their name to the secretariat (

  => An alternative is to take a taxi directly to Archamps. This could be interesting if you have a long  waiting time before the Courtesy Bus or/and if you share the taxi cost with other persons. The course is usually about 60 Swiss Francs (40 Euros). Ask the driver to go to "Archamps business park" by the highway in direction to Chamonix. The right exit is number 13.1  after the customs. Just after the bridge on the highway, "Residential" is in the large "ALLIANCE" building you can see in front of you at about 400 m. Enter the commercial hall. If you were not able to use the Courtesy Bus (you arrived too late), you could get your key at "poste de Securite" (= Security Office) in the corrodor going to the big Hall. Give your name (with  French accent , if possible!) and  you will be given an envelope with your Key. Usually the Security Officers are kind and if not busy they could guide you to your room ! But it is not compulsory ! The Residential entry is just in the middle of the hall on the opposite side you entered . Call with the interphone if the door is closed. Dont confuse with LOGITOP-Grand-Angle.  Then take the lift just on your right and go to the first floor ("accueil"). If you arrive just before 19:00, please rush to Residential because "accueil" will be closed after 19:00. Take care that the security office ("Poste de Sécurité") in the entrance corridor in the middle of the Alliance Building is closed after 1 AM!.


  Accommodation on site

Accommodation will be in the Students' residence  ("Residential") : approx. 200 euro   for a full  week (i.e. for a stay of up to 7 nights and not divisible. After 7 nights, it can be day by day) . We reserve a room or a studio for each participant  (Dont reserve in parallel !). Services are those of a confortable and modern students' residence (fully equiped, bathroom, kitchenette, TV.... )

Please note that :

check-in can be done only Wednesday between 12:00 and 19:00. Please arrange your travel in such a way you will arrive in Archamps between these limits.

the use of the accommodation will be under your own responsibility (cleanness & equipment). Reservation of accommodation by the secretariat will be done after the payment of the administrative fee of 50 Euros. This amount could be reimbursed only the last day (office working hours) after restitution of the keys and verification of the flat / studio (cleanness & equipment) or other lent equipment by the School. Please prepare your departure in consequences.

Reservation of accommodation by the secretariat will be done after the payment of the administrative fee of 50 Euros. The remaining payment for School Fees depending of the number of weeks must be paid before September 1st.


In the past, people who have brought their own cars have been able to make the most of their stay
in this beautiful part of the world.

The Students'
Residences have their own parking spaces in the Alliance Buildings three-level underground car-park.

Students are expected to fund their own travel and living expenses including meals.

A very limited number of scholarships are available.
Please contact the secretariat for further details. 
(, before June 5th.

Images of Accommodation


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 Some views of "RESIDENTIAL"


Welcome desk

Studio T1 (one person)

Studio T1 (one person)

Flat T2 (2 persons)

Flat T2 (2 persons)

Flat T3 (3 persons)


Residential entry from commercial hall


Application form

Mail to ESMP


A Map

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